Videos for Website and Social Media

Let’s say you have a new product, you are just beginning, you have invested a considerable amount of money, time, effort into your product.

You have spent money on a website, photographs, logos. You have done the trade shows, word of mouth, relatives, but at this early stage TV, Radio or newspaper advertising are too expensive, what to do?

Videos for Website and Social Media get your product out to the world by using Facebook, Youtube, your website, Pinterest, Snapchat anyway you can to create interest.

Choose your keywords carefully, Google AdWords gives you a Keyword planner, fill out the relevant information and off you go, for this example we are looking at 2 new fantastic products from the Australian Liquor Company.

Celeste Noir a Sinful and Sweet Coffee Liqueur. Here we concentrated on available photo’s and graphics, a simple play on words, a bit of animation and bingo! a branding video which lets your mind wander to a point where you can almost taste the drink, by the way, it is fantastic!.

So if we insert our information into Google keyword planner we find over 300 keywords, here we have sections.
Keyword by Relevance
Average month searches: The average number of searches for this keyword and its close variants based on the targeting settings and date range you’ve selected. You can use this information to see how popular your keywords are during a certain time of the year. competition suggested bid.

Competition is the number of advertisers that showed on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google. How it’s calculated: We calculate the number of advertisers bidding on each keyword relative to all keywords across Google. This data is specific to the locations and Search Network targeting option that you’ve selected. How to use it: See how competitive ad placement is for a keyword.

Suggested Bid, What it is: A suggested bid is calculated by looking at the costs-per-click (CPCs) that advertisers are paying for a keyword, taking into account the location and Search Network settings you’ve selected.

Of course, CPC (Costs per Click) are if you were advertising with Adwords, but you can insert any of the keywords into your Facebook page or youtube clip, Linkedin etc.



Another product the Australian Liquor Company produces is Fable, a Cream Liqueur, again created with existing photo’s and graphics with some minor extra graphics created, the big selling point of this product is it is all natural, NO preservatives, so we went for the approach of making it sensual but also “All Natural” exotic ingredients, plus the Gold medal awards, some inspiring music and husky male voice over. The Australian Liquor Company has many more products you can check them all out on their website or facebook page.


Are you after a similar Videos for Website and Social Media for your product or event? Visual Factory can create and utilise existing images you may have to keep the production costs down. We are happy to simply have a chat and share some ideas for your product, but it is always a good idea to ask us for a quote, as we will work within your budget