Good content makes a successful website and is essential, as design itself does not guarantee visitors, the content should engage people, educate them and get them to buy or stay longer. How do we do this?

Many businesses have a website developed for them by a third party, there main business is not website design or marketing at all, it’s simply buy our product and we will build a website for you for free, hence we end up with a few images on the front, 10 menus and an about page which is all text and 1 paragraph long. Here is the perfect opportunity for video, you can engage them, earn their trust and educate them about your company and why they should buy from you, people don’t want to read a mountain of words, they like

visual stimulation, visitors expect the information without effort! Tell them about your company, how proud you are, you employ over 100 people, your product is 100% manufactured locally keeping money in the region, your involvement in the community, what you sponsor, people will start to gain your trust and say WOW this business is great. Here is a short example.

Some numbers: You Tube receives over 1,000,000 views per month and it is growing at an alarming rate, over 65% of Marketing agencies believe video will dominate their plans in the near future.  Do you have a product that has a lot of processes to reach the end result, ie Housing building company, if you are a first time buyer how would you feel about taking on this task with no information, pretty daunting, Here is a perfect example to showcase how your process works, a step by step guide as to what they could expect, dealing with Banks, picking colours, tiles, carpets, what are the hidden costs. Having an explainer video for the process would put buyers at ease, they have learnt something off you and now they will start to trust you.

Products to sell!

Remember trying to assemble an Ikea piece of furniture with instructions on paper! How frustrating, now Ikea have how to videos, brilliant!

You sell lawnmowers, why should they purchase your lawnmower, people these days will research a product before they buy, you have a video on your website of all your models, you educate them buy showing what type of mower they need to suit their yard, you sell the features and warranty and show how easy it is to operate, example

Testimonials. What is more satisfying than a happy customer!  How powerful they are, not your Stock photo with a one line quote, but customers sprouting how good your product or service is using the product or entering the new home, a video like this certainly add trust.

Blogs or News. send out weekly or monthly video newsletters to keep your customers and new clients up to date with industry news, New promotions or appointments. An example is the Gost security FAQ page, 11 videos on how to set up your system, date time etc,

and simple, you can check them out here.

So does your website include video, Blog posts that use video will attract 3 times more inbound links, it will increase the amount of time they spend on your site, you can include your keywords in your video which then again helps Google see your video is relevant to the site

and increase you SEO ranking. You can easily share your video with friends, Plus it simply makes your website more professional.

So if you are interested in a video for your website, shoot us a message and we would be happy to discuss ways to improve your website with Video.


Michael Erbacher

Visual Factory

Video has been a part of my whole working life, to tell a story, to inspire and captivate an audience is a very satisfying feeling…